Best Motorbike Friendly Cities in the United States

Images Courtesy of: Pixabay.

During this time where there is a pandemic, people have become more creative. Using bikes is one of the ways that people have resorted due to social distancing. We hope that you find a staycation scooter or motorbike. In America, there are several cities that top the charts when it comes to motorbikes and motorbiking. 

1. Reno, Nevada

The city is known as the biggest little city in the world. It is bike friendly as you may have already guessed it, yes it is dry almost throughout the year. Moreover, it is hot and warm, so be ready to busk in the heat as you enjoy your motorbike buzz. 

To sum it all, NV has one of the highest mph in the country; a whooping 80. Even though, that looks high, I have seen motor bikers buzzing on the highways with even up to 100mph when the speed limit is 65mph.

2. Thousand Oaks, California

The City is the capital of the headquarters of Santa Monica Mountains. It is bordered in the North by Los Padres National forest. Moreover, the city has over 75 miles of trails, and 15,000 acres of open natural area. So get out and enjoy the city 

3. Los Angeles, California

Yes the second largest metro in the country is good for your next scooter riding. The city poses the iconic Hollywood, among other landmarks. 

Apart from the other many accolades that LA is known for, it has outdoor recreation area that is excellent for motorbiking. Its long sea coastal expanse meandered by route 66 as well as the low mountains that intersperse highway 38, make it a perfect place to ride.

4. Boise, Idaho

Apart from being the capital of Idaho, the city is well known for its manageable winter, and dry spells of summer months. Located at the crossroads of the Oregon Trail, makes it a perfect city to ride. 

There are many motorcycle trails that include trail 4 which is 5.8 miles long.

5. Fort Collins, Colorado

It is known as the choice city of Colorado, I guess because of bike riding trails, ask me later. Fort Collins is located in the amazing mountain area of the famous Colorado mountains. Route 287 stretches to wards Laramie, and it sets off at the Poudre  Canyon to Walden. The city has other four spectacular areas for your amazing ride. Enjoy the beer city as it is one of the city with beer companies, so enjoy a bottle for yourself, and do not drink and ride.

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